“This program actually helped get us off the street”

“The program is excellent and the staff are equally excellent to deal with”

“I gave up on all others, YCAP has been the only agency giving me help and hope”

“I was surprised at the “ readiness and attentiveness to find a program to fit my situation and helping with information”

“Keep doing what you are doing”

“The most striking difference is the  available help,  clear info, and delivered in a non-stressful environment. Calm, pleasant environment/people. Accessible help, people expressing genuine desire to help.”

“My experience with YCAP has been more positive than any other service I’ve  accessed”

“Keep up your good work. Your friendly, pleasant demeanor and professionalism is so appreciated. Thank you.”

“The amount of help offered towards my security deposit was surprising and the process wasn’t difficult or painful…as is often the case in other agencies (with confusing info and very complicated process). I might still be homeless if it weren’t for the security deposit help. Thank you.”

“I got a section 8 voucher through HAYC. YCAP assisted me by providing my deposit which enabled me to get my apartment. Thank you I do appreciate that a lot”

“I was surprised at the help I received- that staff personally spoke with my landlord”