What is Coordinated Entry?
The housing system can feel like a maze for individuals who need housing assistance.  Trying to determine who to talk to, how to get there, and where to begin can seem confusing and overwhelming.

Having a coordinated entry system means that housing placement isn't a matter of talking to the right case manager, at the right agency, at the right time.

Instead, Coordinated Entry represents standardized access and assessment for all individuals, through a coordinated referral and housing placement process to ensure that people experiencing homelessness receive appropriate assistance with both immediate and long-term housing and service needs.  The entire Coordinated Entry process uses a "no wrong door" approach, while doing so through a standardized process from initial engagement to successful housing placement.

AnyDoor Yamhill is the name of the Coordinated Entry system for Yamhill County.

Who is it for?
AnyDoor Yamhill, our local coordinated entry system, is available for anyone that is homeless or at risk of homelessness and wants to be connected with housing and services.

How does it Work?
Each person starts by completing the same screener, which lets us know about your current housing situation.

There are several ways to complete the initial screener. You can:

  • walk into YCAP’s office from 8:30-5:00
  • call YCAP and ask for the Case Manager of the day at 503-472-0457
  • visit AnyDooryamhill.org and complete the screener online

If you complete the screener online, a YCAP Case Manager will contact you to discuss any options for housing and services that may be available to you.

How can it Help?
AnyDoor Yamhill is the gateway for you to be assessedfor housing and services based on your situation such as:

  • deposit assistance
  • help with rental arrears
  • ongoing housing assistance
  • help searching for an apartment
  • connection to utility help
  • referral to shelter and other local resources

Why is it Important?
Coordinated Entry ensures that all people experiencing a housing crisis have fair and equal access to housing resources and are quickly identified, assessed, and connected to housing and homeless assistance based on their strengths and needs.

Whether you’re a family about to be evicted in Sheridan, a single living in a shelter in Newberg, or a person living on the streets of McMinnville, AnyDoor Yamhill provides equal access to all of Yamhill County to persons in housing crisis.